Interesting, but...

Nov 29, 2014 at 9:45 AM
It might help to actually read what this site is all about!

Codeplex: Project Hosting for Open Source Software

This stuff is not only passing itself off as open, it's ridiculously expensive.

Please either disclose right at the top, before you say anything else, that you are selling something, not doing open source.

It's really classless to say it as the LAST thing you say... tacky!
Nov 29, 2014 at 12:40 PM
Hi Dewey,

Sorry for any inconveniences caused. We really didn’t want to mislead you or anybody else with this sample. As the project summary states:

“This project is created based on the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library. It helps you quickly discover the library's functionality and build a custom ASP.NET document viewer”

Also, we do notify that the project is built based on the commercial library in the system requirements section.

However, since this appeared to be not enough, we added this info to the beginning of the project description, as well as tweaked the project name and summary to avoid any further confusions.

We’d also like to clarify that the library pricing starts at $2,499, not $6,248 as you stated in your comment.

Sorry for the inconveniences again.
GroupDocs Team